I loved the Edie Road Music Camp with Don Warren. It was 24 hours of nonstop music and it was fun the whole time. There wasn't a boring moment. It gave me a whole new perspective of music in many ways. Working with the mixing board, seeing how recordings get done and hearing the stories was great. I loved being there and experimenting with new ideas.
-Shawn Shafren (Age 14)

Don…the music camp at Edie Road was awesome. I had a great time being surrounded by music the whole time. Meeting new people, seeing such dedication to the passion of recording and performance, playing with other musician's and playing all the different instruments. Thank you so much.
-Justin Kirker (Age 17)

My favorite thing was the rehearsals. I never thought I would be able to play a harmony guitar solo.
- Elijah - 11 years old

I liked that my son got an opportunity to play with an entire rhythm section. As a father and guitar player, it was nice that after attending the camp, my son wanted to play a song with me.
- Bill Toffenetti - student's father

The U-ROCK CAMP was great. It was an all-around amazing experience. It was my first time in a recording studio and the experience of putting on headphones, seeing an audio engineer through the glass and playing a guitar solo over a previously recorded track was unforgettable. To be with students of varying skill levels was also fun and a humbling experience for me. I learned so much from them and got to experience "jamming" first hand. The weekend changed my whole outlook on playing guitar and from now on I'll be practicing everyday. Someday I know I'll make it back into the studio to record my first song and I won't forget my time at Edie Road. Thanks so much.
-Brett Groff (Age 33)

I like being immersed in music the whole time and being able to learn a little about playing other instruments like the drums and the piano. I was surprised how quickly we could put a song together and sound so good.
-Anthony T - 16 years old

I loved chillin, and talking to the others about music. The studio is amazing and the loft was awesome. I liked getting a chance to play with the drums too. The movie inspired me to want to write songs.
- Riley S. -14 years old

The freedom to do whatever we wanted to do for 24 hours in a recording studio and getting to stay up all night making music was great. It was easier to make music with people I didn't know than I thought it would be.
-Ben F -14

I liked how there was random people of different ages and styles all working together.
-Joe A -14